The Lost Umbrella

Two days ago, Mr Smith had come without his umbrella. “I can’t have left it at the office,” he said. “My secretary always remainds me when I leave something behind.” He tried to remember where else he had stopped on his way home. It seemed he had still had it in the Underground. “I may have left it at the garage when I collected my car.” He phoned, but they knew nothing about it.

His wife said: “You will have left it at the bookstall when you bought your evening paper.” “Yes, I must have left it there.” But when he enquired next morning, the man said he had not seen it. So he had called at the Lost Property Office and he recognised his umbrella among five hundred others.

Mr. Smith was beaming with delight when he arrived home. After a while, his wife said: “Tell me, dear, where is your briefcase ?” “My what ? Oh dear, where can I have lost my briefcase ?”

He might have left it in the Underground or at the Lost Property Office.

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